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Only Hearts Featured in Aquagirl's Spring/Summer 2012 Catalogue


Helena Stuart had long been a collector of heart shaped trinkets and goods when she opened her NYC boutique, Only Hearts in 1978. Initially a heart themed gift and antique shop, Helena began designing lingerie for the brand, which soon gained popularity around the world. Now, Only Hearts carries a full line of outerwear, including dresses, blouses, basics, and much more. Very much a family oriented company, Helena's daughter Kaya joined the brand 11 years ago.


Only Hearts has won the hearts of women around the world by bringing together gorgeous design and comfort.


Only Hearts, popular for its feminine design, comfort, and inner/outerwear versatility, is a New York based brand run by Helena and her daughter Kaya.


"I started designing lingerie, because at that time lingerie was very conservative and not meant to be seen. I wanted to change that image. I also liked the idea of lingerie as fashion very much," Helena said.


Although Helena has yet to visit Japan, she would very much like to.


"Aqua girl is wonderful because they understand the Japanese market perfectly," said Helena. "I'd love to visit your stores in the near future!"



Top left- Helena & Kaya, the mother/daughter duo behind Only Hearts

Bottom left- Design and sewing are all done in house. Many of the Only Hearts staff have been with the company since the beginning, creating a very family like atmosphere.

1. This romantic lace and floral dress channels a 1920s vibe.

2. Pair this skirt with an Only Hearts basic.

3. A perfect example of Only Hearts' inner outerwear philosophy, this top combines sexy black lace with comfortable jersey for a night in or out.